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Seth Cargiuolo: Digital Strategist, Marketer, Communicator

My name is Seth Cargiuolo.
I am neither a rockstar, a ninja, nor a guru. I am a professional.

I am a digital strategist, a social business evangelist, a communicator, a marketer and organizational development specialist. I like to tell stories, create compelling content, foster learning environments, and have a good laugh.

I believe that “digital” is about people, not technology. I believe “social” is as much about collaboration & knowledge sharing as it is about marketing. I believe that culture eats strategy for breakfast.

I formed C77 Consulting in 2011 to help communicators, campaigns and corporations get access to cutting-edge digital strategy and execution. I serve small firms, sole props, candidates and issue campaigns, non-profits and established businesses of all sizes.

Most recently, I held the position of International Director of Product for Windward Systems, a firm specializing in navigating the complexities of global sourcing on behalf of companies in need of specialized software development talent. Previously, I held the position of Chief Knowledge Officer & Director of Digital Strategy for The Saint Consulting Group.

Recent Articles

In which I wax philosophic, rant, explicate, exhort, call-out, vent spleen and, in general, offer ice-cold commentary on everything and everyone.