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Leading From The Middle: 4 Ways To Build Your Base

Posted on May 30th, by Carge in Culture, Leadership. 3 comments

Now more than ever, the guys and gals “in the middle” need to step up and be real leaders in their organization.

Being caught in the middle is never easy: having to manage conflicting priorities, crazy schedules, an ever-changing business environment, demanding bosses, and a work-force that’s becoming ever more eclectic and diverse in its attitudes, proclivities and idiosyncrasies is no cake-walk.

The Middle People are stuck, responsible for executing their elders’ strategies as well as reigning in, aligning, and grooming their juniors for their own climb to the middle, and hoping that they themselves can move up while it still matters.

Ain’t nothing easy about it – especially these days, when the Baby Boomers are staying at work and the oft-maligned yet ever-eager Gen Y is looking at their Gen X managers sort of like the sharks look at the … Read More »

3 Ways To Strengthen Customer Relationships Using Weak Ties

Posted on May 21st, by Carge in Digital Strategy, Strategy. No Comments

Getting new customers ain’t easy. A lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into earning new business. Protect that investment: use weak ties to extend the lifespan of customer relationships.

As we all know, repeat customers are pretty much universally preferred to one-offs, especially in the professional services world, where the average cost of customer acquisition can be very high. We work really hard to pull in customers; the smart firm will also devote energy to keep good customers in the stable. Obviously, customer retention requires good work product, but also it requires managing the relationship to create an excellent overall customer experience.

Think about all the social capital that is tied up in a single customer. There’s the relationships between the firm-side sales team and the client-side influencers & purse-string-holders; the firm-side practice leader & project manager, and the client-side point-person/engagement … Read More »

The Next Person Who Says “Shared Purpose” Is Getting Smacked

Posted on May 17th, by Carge in Culture, Leadership, New Digital Enterprise. 1 Comment

I’m sick of people talking about Shared Purpose like it’s some easy panacea for blasé employees and stagnant, decaying business and cultural models. I’m even sicker of people talking it and not walking it.

Right up front, lest I hurt any feelings or offend people I care about, let me say this: I honestly believe in the power of “Shared Purpose.” I believe that “purpose” goes way deeper than vision and mission; it goes right into your gut and taps some part of your primal self. I believe that if you can bring people with similar primal-purposes together and get them all marching in the same direction, amazing things can be achieved.

I really do believe that managers and leaders can create alignment between values, purpose, vision, strategy, tactics and practices.

BUT…To quote an old mentor, “I’m hearing a lotta chatter, not seeing … Read More »

Why Is This Whole Corporate Ethics Thing So Damn Hard?

Posted on May 14th, by Carge in Culture, Leadership, New Digital Enterprise. 1 Comment

Our sense of corporate ethics is so damn skewed that doing the right thing seems to be the exception to the rule.

Everywhere you turn there are examples of business leaders and employees doing really wrong things: Madoff. Corzine. Castro-Wright. Dunn.

Who Owns The Social Capital? (Video Post)

Posted on May 11th, by Carge in Culture, Digital Strategy, Video. 1 Comment

When an employee leaves the firm, what happens to their social capital? The social media relationships, contacts & networks – who owns them? What’s a marketer to do? Is there way to protect a firm’s leads and contacts, and keep them in the social graph, even if the employee who “owns” the contact leaves?

Got six minutes? Grab a coffee, sit back, and let me tell you all about it.

Seth Cargiuolo

Bosses, Get the Heck Out of Our Way

Posted on May 7th, by Carge in Leadership, New Digital Enterprise. No Comments

Bottlenecks, distractions, and hinderances abound. Are you one of them? Be honest, now. Are you driving employee engagement? Or are you driving it over the cliff?

To paraphrase that old saw about suckers playing poker, let me say this to managers & leaders everywhere: “Take a good look around the conference room. In the first half-hour, if you can’t identify the choke point, you ARE the choke point.”

Lest my current boss (and long-time mentor) worry that I’m secretly taking a shot at him, let me be clear, it’s quite the opposite – all those years ago, one of the first things he beat into my feeble little junior-management brain was the importance of removing as much bureaucracy, needless papery, and administrative friction as possible from the flow of work in the business.

And while no person or organization is perfect, or can … Read More »

Save the date!

Posted on May 3rd, by Carge in Digital Strategy. No Comments

On May 23rd, the The AMCF will be hosting “Social Networking and the Modern Consulting Company: Staying Ahead of the Curve.”

I’ll be on a panel with IBM’s Brandi Boatner, Tata’s Tonya McKinney, PwC’s Jack Teuber, and Ari Kaplan. We’ll be discussing many aspects of social media, including governance and use for thought leadership and content marketing. Come on down – with this crew, it’s sure to be as entertaining as it is enlightening!

Can Women Truly Succeed in Your Organization?

Posted on May 3rd, by Carge in Culture, New Digital Enterprise. 1 Comment

Take a good look around your workplace. You’ll likely see plenty of women. Now go take a look at the C-Suite. See many women there? That’s right, I didn’t think so.

I don’t want to be a downer or anything, but Corporate America has got some pretty deep-seated, systemic problems (girl-issues, to use the vernacular) and we need to get them straightened out.

In the US, only 17% of senior executives are women, according to a 2012 study
Only 6% of CEOs in the US are women, according to that same Grant Thornton study
Despite this being the 21st century, women still face a 77% salary gap
Women are drastically less likely to receive VC backing

(I’m not even going to get into this whole “brogrammer” thing because it makes me so damn angry that I want to break things. We’ll get to that nonsense another … Read More »

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