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After Watertown, Cable News Isn’t Dead, But It’s Not Looking Good

Posted on April 24th, by Carge in Culture, Featured, Media, Social. 3 comments

The citizen journalism that flooded the internet during the Boston Marathon bombing & Watertown manhunt is an ice-cold wake up call for Cable News.

The Battle of Cambridge & Watertown…and the Social Media “Coverage” Thereof

Posted on April 21st, by Carge in Culture, Digital Strategy. No Comments

This post is not meant in anyway to make me look good…in fact, when all is said and done, it may make me look bad. But it is what I did and said, and what happened. It’s here as a point of reference for a larger discussion, to be posted soon – stay tuned.

What Applebee’s *Should* Have Said

Posted on February 4th, by Carge in Culture, Digital Strategy, Leadership, Strategy. 2 comments

It’s easy to Monday Morning Quarterback a PR or Social Media disaster.

It seems like our new favorite pastime, with a robust 2012 behind us and what looks like a great 2013 coming on. It’s hard, when you’re in the moment, to know what the right thing to do is, or what’s the right tone to take, or what specific tactical actions you’ll employ. But there’s one thing that’s always in fashion: stopping, thinking, getting your facts and message straight, and then moving forward in a clear, unified fashion.

Of course, we all know by now that that’s not what Applebee’s did. Instead, they turned what was already a bad situation into a total charlie-foxtrot, as documented so brilliantly in R.L. Stollar’s awesome photo essay which probably has about several hundred thousand views at this point.

So what should Applebee’s have done instead?

Before … Read More »

Defining a Positive Culture

Posted on July 23rd, by Carge in Culture, Leadership, New Digital Enterprise. No Comments

Anyone who knows me knows that I strongly believe in the old adage, attributed to Peter Drucker, that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” I’ve written about corporate culture here, and I’ve spent many years watching (in my organization and in others) how culture entwines with strategy, policy, practice and behaviors.

Mike Figliuolo of ThoughtleadersLLC (and author of “One Piece of Paper”) was kind enough to ask me to write a guest post for their excellent blog on strategy, culture and leadership. You can see the piece, “Fundamentals for Defining a Positive Organizational Culture” on their site. Hope you enjoy, and of course, I welcome any comments and discussion!

Changing The Rules, Part 2: 8 Steps To Build Towards Gender Balance

Posted on June 13th, by Carge in Culture, Leadership, New Digital Enterprise, Strategy. No Comments

Just “Empowering” women won’t do your organization a damn bit of good unless first you change the rules of the game such that their power actually matters.

The other day, in Changing the Rules, Part 1, I explained why firms absolutely need gender balance and diversity on teams, not just at the leadership level, but all the way through the firm. I suggested that it is imperative for the leaders of today’s firms to begin preparing for tomorrow by building structures that embrace the differences between women and men (rather than trying to eliminate those differences) and create an environment in which more women organically rise through the ranks. Rather than empowering women – they have plenty of power already, thanks – we need to change the rules.

In my first article on this topic – “Can Women Leaders Truly Succeed In … Read More »

Changing The Rules, Part 1: Why Women Leaders Are Necessary

Posted on June 11th, by Carge in Culture, Leadership, New Digital Enterprise, Strategy. No Comments

Just “Empowering” women won’t do your organization a damn bit of good unless first you change the rules of the game such that their power actually matters.

About a month or so ago, I challenged you with this question: “Can women leaders truly succeed in your organization?” In that article, I covered some pretty ugly facts: the pay gap between men and women, of course; the dearth of females at the senior executive, C-suite and Board levels; and that, according to one study, 95% of women leaving to raise a child wouldn’t come back to the company they left. I also highlighted some baked-in cultural norms that cause all this, and I suggested that it was imperative that the leaders of today take steps to ensure that our firms build systems, processes and policies to change these norms for tomorrow.

In discussion … Read More »

Leading From The Middle: 4 Ways To Build Your Base

Posted on May 30th, by Carge in Culture, Leadership. 3 comments

Now more than ever, the guys and gals “in the middle” need to step up and be real leaders in their organization.

Being caught in the middle is never easy: having to manage conflicting priorities, crazy schedules, an ever-changing business environment, demanding bosses, and a work-force that’s becoming ever more eclectic and diverse in its attitudes, proclivities and idiosyncrasies is no cake-walk.

The Middle People are stuck, responsible for executing their elders’ strategies as well as reigning in, aligning, and grooming their juniors for their own climb to the middle, and hoping that they themselves can move up while it still matters.

Ain’t nothing easy about it – especially these days, when the Baby Boomers are staying at work and the oft-maligned yet ever-eager Gen Y is looking at their Gen X managers sort of like the sharks look at the … Read More »

The Next Person Who Says “Shared Purpose” Is Getting Smacked

Posted on May 17th, by Carge in Culture, Leadership, New Digital Enterprise. 1 Comment

I’m sick of people talking about Shared Purpose like it’s some easy panacea for blasé employees and stagnant, decaying business and cultural models. I’m even sicker of people talking it and not walking it.

Right up front, lest I hurt any feelings or offend people I care about, let me say this: I honestly believe in the power of “Shared Purpose.” I believe that “purpose” goes way deeper than vision and mission; it goes right into your gut and taps some part of your primal self. I believe that if you can bring people with similar primal-purposes together and get them all marching in the same direction, amazing things can be achieved.

I really do believe that managers and leaders can create alignment between values, purpose, vision, strategy, tactics and practices.

BUT…To quote an old mentor, “I’m hearing a lotta chatter, not seeing … Read More »

Why Is This Whole Corporate Ethics Thing So Damn Hard?

Posted on May 14th, by Carge in Culture, Leadership, New Digital Enterprise. 1 Comment

Our sense of corporate ethics is so damn skewed that doing the right thing seems to be the exception to the rule.

Everywhere you turn there are examples of business leaders and employees doing really wrong things: Madoff. Corzine. Castro-Wright. Dunn.

Who Owns The Social Capital? (Video Post)

Posted on May 11th, by Carge in Culture, Digital Strategy, Video. 1 Comment

When an employee leaves the firm, what happens to their social capital? The social media relationships, contacts & networks – who owns them? What’s a marketer to do? Is there way to protect a firm’s leads and contacts, and keep them in the social graph, even if the employee who “owns” the contact leaves?

Got six minutes? Grab a coffee, sit back, and let me tell you all about it.

Seth Cargiuolo

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