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What Applebee’s *Should* Have Said

Posted on February 4th, by Carge in Culture, Digital Strategy, Leadership, Strategy. 2 comments

It’s easy to Monday Morning Quarterback a PR or Social Media disaster.

It seems like our new favorite pastime, with a robust 2012 behind us and what looks like a great 2013 coming on. It’s hard, when you’re in the moment, to know what the right thing to do is, or what’s the right tone to take, or what specific tactical actions you’ll employ. But there’s one thing that’s always in fashion: stopping, thinking, getting your facts and message straight, and then moving forward in a clear, unified fashion.

Of course, we all know by now that that’s not what Applebee’s did. Instead, they turned what was already a bad situation into a total charlie-foxtrot, as documented so brilliantly in R.L. Stollar’s awesome photo essay which probably has about several hundred thousand views at this point.

So what should Applebee’s have done instead?

Before … Read More »

4 Steps For Leveraging Brand Advocates

Posted on July 6th, by Carge in Digital Strategy, New Digital Enterprise, Strategy. No Comments

If people are talking positively about your brand, you need to find them, friend them, and fully integrate these Brand Advocates into your marketing and sales efforts.

And, when I say “friend,” I don’t mean you actually have to become for-real BFFs, but you can’t just follow them on Twitter or like a few of their Facebook statuses. You really need to engage them, get to know about them, thank them, reward them, treat them like a part of the family. Nurture and care for these people, make them a part of your (company’s) life, and you will reap great dividends.

Previously, in my post If You Ain’t In It For The Customers, Get The Heck Out, I talked a little bit about why this is so important. Customers will talk about their experience with your brand; either as a response to … Read More »

Changing The Rules, Part 2: 8 Steps To Build Towards Gender Balance

Posted on June 13th, by Carge in Culture, Leadership, New Digital Enterprise, Strategy. No Comments

Just “Empowering” women won’t do your organization a damn bit of good unless first you change the rules of the game such that their power actually matters.

The other day, in Changing the Rules, Part 1, I explained why firms absolutely need gender balance and diversity on teams, not just at the leadership level, but all the way through the firm. I suggested that it is imperative for the leaders of today’s firms to begin preparing for tomorrow by building structures that embrace the differences between women and men (rather than trying to eliminate those differences) and create an environment in which more women organically rise through the ranks. Rather than empowering women – they have plenty of power already, thanks – we need to change the rules.

In my first article on this topic – “Can Women Leaders Truly Succeed In … Read More »

Changing The Rules, Part 1: Why Women Leaders Are Necessary

Posted on June 11th, by Carge in Culture, Leadership, New Digital Enterprise, Strategy. No Comments

Just “Empowering” women won’t do your organization a damn bit of good unless first you change the rules of the game such that their power actually matters.

About a month or so ago, I challenged you with this question: “Can women leaders truly succeed in your organization?” In that article, I covered some pretty ugly facts: the pay gap between men and women, of course; the dearth of females at the senior executive, C-suite and Board levels; and that, according to one study, 95% of women leaving to raise a child wouldn’t come back to the company they left. I also highlighted some baked-in cultural norms that cause all this, and I suggested that it was imperative that the leaders of today take steps to ensure that our firms build systems, processes and policies to change these norms for tomorrow.

In discussion … Read More »

3 Ways To Strengthen Customer Relationships Using Weak Ties

Posted on May 21st, by Carge in Digital Strategy, Strategy. No Comments

Getting new customers ain’t easy. A lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into earning new business. Protect that investment: use weak ties to extend the lifespan of customer relationships.

As we all know, repeat customers are pretty much universally preferred to one-offs, especially in the professional services world, where the average cost of customer acquisition can be very high. We work really hard to pull in customers; the smart firm will also devote energy to keep good customers in the stable. Obviously, customer retention requires good work product, but also it requires managing the relationship to create an excellent overall customer experience.

Think about all the social capital that is tied up in a single customer. There’s the relationships between the firm-side sales team and the client-side influencers & purse-string-holders; the firm-side practice leader & project manager, and the client-side point-person/engagement … Read More »

If you ain’t in it for the customers, get the heck out

Posted on April 30th, by Carge in Culture, Leadership, New Digital Enterprise, Strategy. No Comments

Get hip to this: your customers are now your salespeople. How’s your future look now?

Keeping your customers happy can be exhausting. That’s why there are about a million variations on the old joke, “This business would be great if it wasn’t for the customers.” I think we’ve ALL had moments where we cursed the very reasons for our existence, it’s just part of human nature.

But facts is facts: the customer is why we’re here. Without ’em, we might as well pack up and go home. And if the ones we have now aren’t happy with us, we can pretty much take the idea of getting more and kiss it the heck goodbye. As I mentioned when I laid out the 11 core principles of the New Digital Enterprise, the new reality is that the end-to-end customer experience will be … Read More »

What The Heck Is The “New Digital Enterprise”?

Posted on April 23rd, by Carge in Culture, Leadership, New Digital Enterprise, Strategy. No Comments

It’s the spring of 2012, and the last few years have taught us much. As business leaders and practitioners, we know that the times they aren’t a-changing – they’ve already done a-changed. The firm of the 20th century is on the way out, whether it realizes it or not. The day of the New Digital Enterprise is nigh upon us. Are we ready to lead, manage, and work for it?

In just the last few months, the literature and communication lines have been full of talk about Big Data and #BYOD and how they will both radically re-shape the business worlds we live in. Guys like Brian Solis are talking about Generation C and how they will reshape the way things are bought, sold and consumed. Gals like Nilofer Merchant are talking about The New Rules for the Social Era (and … Read More »

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